Lane's journey began in June of 2010. The husband and father of two young children was experiencing awful headaches in the morning when he woke up. He went to the doctor, who had him keep a journal. After about a week or so, he was driving home from work and realized his vision was a bit blurry. When he let the doctor know, they did a CT right away, which then led to an MRI, which then led us to the neurosurgeon's office later that afternoon. 
Lane had his first brain surgery four days later. The following August, he was all set to start chemo and radiation when his oncologist realized the surgeon didn't get as much as he'd originally thought. The first tumor was almost the size of a newborn baby's head. He then went to Mayo where they did another surgery that had an MRI machine in the room. After that he did a month of radiation and some chemo (in pill form), and Lane had four years of clean scans.
In July of 2014 another small tumor popped up at the edge of the original resection. He went back to Mayo and the same surgeon took that tumor completely out. He then did a 12-month chemo pill cycle. He had a few months of nothing after that, but then in January of last year they decided to try another chemo pill instead. Then in June of 2016, another tumor on his Basil Ganglia (toward the back of the brain) popped up that they could not remove without completely paralyzing him - or death.
He tried chemo again, but where the tumor was located made him slowly lose the motor skills on his left side. Things slowly went downhill, and in early October he had a grand mal seizure at home. In November, Lane was back at Mayo after another horrible headache. Lane and his family had to decide on their next step of care. Together, Lane and his family made the decision to bring in hospice to handle his care plan.
Damon’s Rally Cap Charity learned about Lane’s story from one of our supporters in Iowa and presented his family with a check to help shine a little light on their holiday.   

Lane fought a heroic battle, but sadly, lost his battle to cancer on January 10, 2017.




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