Tanya and her walking buddy (Susan) decided to get mammograms together and make it a “fun” event by having lunch first. On July 30, after the first mammogram, Tanya was told she needed an ultrasound. This resulted in her leaving the imaging center with an appointment for a biopsy. 

Tanya found out she has high grade DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ). So far, her cancer is only in the mammary ducts and not yet invasive, which is considered stage 0. However, because of the large area of her microcalcifications, a lumpectomy was not an option. Tanya decided to have a bilateral mastectomy to decrease her chances of a recurrence.   

Tanya has been single parenting this year while her husband is in California due to his job. While he has been able to stay with Tanya during recovery from surgery, they are looking forward to when he is back in the area permanently so they can live like a “normal” family again. 

We’re fighting right alongside you, Tanya!
















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