On Nov. 30, Damon’s Rally Cap Charity presented cancer fighter Janice with a $1,000 check to help her in her fight with breast cancer.

Janice, a Platte City, Missouri resident, was diagnosed with breast cancer on April 19, 2016, after a routine mammogram. Janice opted to pay more for the 3-D mammogram, which, she found out later, was money well spent, as the regular mammogram likely would not have caught the lump.

On May 20, Janice had a lumpectomy performed. Unfortunately, the tumor wasn’t completely removed, so she had a second surgery three days later. Beginning in June, Janice began radiation therapy and completed 10 treatments. While Janice is on the winning end of our fight with cancer, she had a set-back in July when doctors discovered an infection, likely from her multiple surgeries.

Janice had another surgery on Dec. 6 to the source of the infection. She is still recovering, which has kept her from returning to work full-time. The funds from Damon’s Rally Cap will Janice fulfill her holiday wish of traveling to Alabama to spend time with her son.










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