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Lori is a mom to five and has been battling breast cancer for two years and is now in hospice care. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been able to go home liked she hoped. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, she can only have one visitor at a time, so Lori’s family and friends are taking turns visiting her each day.

Update: Lori passed in November 2020


Stacy is undergoing chemo to beat breast cancer.



Eight-year-old Gavin was diagnosed with Burkitts lymphoma in June 2020, and after five rounds of chemo, he has officially kicked cancer to the curb. Way to rally, Gavin!


We met Jill just a few days after her surgery and a week before Christmas in 2019. Jill recently got the all clear after 16 rounds of chemo and surgery to remove her breast cancer!



Tanya and her walking buddy (Susan) decided to get mammograms together and make it a “fun” event by having lunch first. On July 30, after the first mammogram, Tanya was told she needed an ultrasound. This resulted in her leaving the imaging center with an appointment for a biopsy. 
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Craig was diagnosed with glioblastoma a form of brain cancer in March. His story takes me back to Damon’s battle. Please pray for Craig and his family.


The Kansas City Dirt Dogs 6U baseball team is rallying around teammate Kaleb who is undergoing treatment for leukemia. Damon’s Rally Cap surprised Kaleb and his family with a Rally Pack and donation. Keep fighting, Kaleb!


She was diagnosed with breast cancer the fall of 2018 and she is doing well! She finished chemo and has reconstruction coming up. Her husband is also a 10 year cancer survivor. Please keep this family of four in your prayers.



Colene recently received a surprise from Damon's Rally Cap. She was diagnosed last summer with colon cancer after a routine colonoscopy. We are thinking of her as she starts chemo.


Makayla was diagnosed with thyroid cancer last November (2018) and has since had two surgeries. She is now undergoing radioactive iodine treatment. She is doing great and recently kicked off spring softball season with her teammates.



Billy recently had to relocate but is still receiving treatment for colon cancer. We paid for his hotel stay during his treatment and gave him a rally pack that included gift cards to QT and Walmart to help with expenses.

Sadly, Billy lost his battle to in early 2018.


Augustus “Augie” was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma. It’s a form of cancer in the eyes. Augie had a very aggressive form of it. Bilateral non hereditary grade D tumors in both eyes. With a partial retina detachment in his left. We went to NY for the best treatment there is. They were aggressive and we made progress. He received, IAC, chemo injections and lasers to fight the tumors. They took chances when we were told we should take an eye and make it easier. We traveled between two hospitals for all of this. He made massive improvements that surprised the doctor. He went stable for over a year when the cancer came back aggressive. We had to make a tough decision and took his left eye. Augie has been stable ever since. This August 2019 will mark 2 years stable!



Damon's Rally Cap had the privilege of surprising fighter Magnus with a Rally Pack filled with gift cards and other fun surprises. Magnus had his last chemo in August for Hodgkin Lymphoma. You've got this, Magnus!


DRC supporter Ashley Schable delivered a Rally Pack to fighter Grace. Grace is currently batting stage 3 Hodgkin's lymphoma. She is a freshman athlete at Panorama High School in Panora, Iowa, and is looking forward to playing again soon for the Panthers!



“Day 5 of his last 5-day cycle.....only ONE cycle left! (And I got a quick smile!!!)”
Adam received a #rallypack when he was diagnosed with ewing sarcoma.


Cancer survivor Norma, presented a Rally Pack to her sister, Darlene (right). She is battling breast cancer and had surgery this week.

Sadly Darlene passed.



Damon’s Rally Cap supporter Renee delivered a Rally Pack to Wendy in Omaha who is in the midst of kicking breast cancer. You’ve got this, Wendy!



Emma - a seventh grader from Panora, Iowa - is our first fighter to receive a Rally Pack, which is filled with goodies, gift cards and a few other fun surprises. Emma is fighting acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Thank you to Damon's Rally Cap supporter Ashley Schable for hand delivering this package to Emma and her family.



Wendy has been battling stage 4 ovarian cancer for the last four years and recently lost her husband to melanoma. Please keep Wendy and her son in your prayers.



Dawn, a wife, a mom to a 16-year-old son, and a band teacher at Kearney Middle School, has been battling stage 4 colon cancer since 2015. Dawn first thought she had pneumonia, but tests revealed cancer in the lungs that began in the colon. After chemo, surgery to remove part of the colon and additional chemo, Dawn’s family, friends and school have been extremely supportive throughout her battle. However, she goes without pay for the school days she misses due to treatment and appointments.



Alison is 29. She’s a wife, mother, chiropractor and small business owner. She’s also a cancer patient.

In the spring of 2015, Alison didn't feel like herself. She was easily fatigued and had an inner "feeling" that something "just wasn't right.” Several blood tests, scans and consults later ... nothing. The only thing that appeared on lab work was high lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell, which is usually indicative of an infection but could be an autoimmune disease or cancer).

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Dalton (D-Ray)

At 16 years old, Dalton has faced more battles than most people will ever encounter in a lifetime. In July 2014 – at the age of 13 – Dalton was diagnosed with desmoplastic small round cell tumor (DSRCT), an aggressive malignant neoplasm that occurs in adolescents and young adults.

Prior to his diagnosis, he was an active teenager who spent much of his free time playing competitive basketball. He had no symptoms of disease. During a visit to the doctor’s office for a stomach virus, Dalton’s pediatrician discovered a lump in his abdomen.  

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Liz was diagnosed with stage 4 non small cell lung cancer in 2014. She was not a smoker. She ran a half marathon the year before. Her only symptom was a nagging cough for three months.
After a week of multiple tests, she started having difficulty breathing. Less than a week later, she had emergency heart surgery due to fluid from her lung accumulating around her heart...

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Valerie is a single mom to a 15-year-old daughter and cares for her elderly mother who lives with them. In 2012, Valerie was diagnosed with stage 3b ovarian cancer after going to the doctor for a hernia. Valerie soon underwent debulking surgery and six months of chemotherapy.

Chemo took a tool on Valerie physically and financially, as she was unable to work for eight months.
After a few years of clear check-ups, Valerie learned in January 2017 that her cancer returned in her colon. She had surgery in March to remove the tumor and is currently recovering at home.
Her employer recently discontinued her disability and life insurance coverage, so Valerie has been forced to find other sources of income while she recovers.

Damon’s Rally Cap is pleased to help relieve a little of the stress for her and her daughter.



On Nov. 30, Damon’s Rally Cap Charity presented cancer fighter Janice with a $1,000 check to help her in her fight with breast cancer.

Janice, a Platte City, Missouri resident, was diagnosed with breast cancer on April 19, 2016, after a routine mammogram. Janice opted to pay more for the 3-D mammogram, which, she found out later, was money well spent, as the regular mammogram likely would not have caught the lump...

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Meet Elli – a 12-year-old girl with an infectious smile and a heart of gold. On April 16, 2016, Elli was diagnosed with stage IV kidney cancer. School activities, sleepovers and sports have been put on hold so Elli and her family can focus on the battle before them...

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Jill went for her first mammogram in November 2013 only because her co-worker kept asking her to – not because she felt something or had a family history of breast cancer. Jill was told she had a lot of calcification in her right breast and was asked to come back in six months. Half a year later, Jill had another mammogram where they discovered more calcification. Next came a sonogram and then an MRI. After suspicious MRI results, Jill was sent for biopsies, which confirmed what the doctors were thinking … cancer...

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Lane's journey began in June of 2010. The husband and father of two young children was experiencing awful headaches in the morning when he woke up. He went to the doctor, who had him keep a journal. After about a week or so, he was driving home from work and realized his vision was a bit blurry. When he let the doctor know, they did a CT right away, which then led to an MRI, which then led us to the neurosurgeon's office later that afternoon...

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