Jill went for her first mammogram in November 2013 only because her co-worker kept asking her to – not because she felt something or had a family history of breast cancer. Jill was told she had a lot of calcification in her right breast and was asked to come back in six months. Half a year later, Jill had another mammogram where they discovered more calcification. Next came a sonogram and then an MRI. After suspicious MRI results, Jill was sent for biopsies, which confirmed what the doctors were thinking … cancer.  
In July of 2014, Jill underwent a double mastectomy and started chemo right away. After finishing chemo, she started 2016 off with radiation. While Jill was undergoing treatment, she was also going through reconstruction (a feat most breast cancer fighters would agree is significantly harder than chemo and radiation). She was finally done with treatment and reconstruction in August 2016. Three weeks later, she noticed a lump on her left side. On her 44th birthday, Jill received confirmation that her cancer was ALREADY back.
Jill endured a grueling clinical trial, switched oncologists and eventually had her new tumor and implant removed. She then underwent three weeks of twice-a-day radiation, and the cancer still came back.
Jill has Triple Negative BC on her left breast and had HER2 positive BC on her right. She is now on maintenance chemo every three weeks. She is a mother to three children and worked full-time during her initial diagnosis. Through all of this, Jill started her own foundation to aid others who are fighting cancer.

In December, Damon’s Rally Cap presented Jill with $1,000 to assist with her own medical travel costs and personal expenses. Her fight, selflessness and desire to help others is inspiring and we’ll never stop rallying with hope for Jill and the cause.

Sadly, Jill lost her battle to cancer on August 24, 2017.



Jill Heckman a figher herself, got us in touch with Elli and her family. Jill and her family were also there to give Elli a gift from Jill's Hope Foundation.








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